Wednesday, August 20, 2014


If you read/watched my previous blog post, then you know that I am working on losing weight and getting healthier. I started this whole journey on July 11th. At that time, I weighed in at more than 300 pounds. Here is what that looked like (kind of embarrassing, actually).

As much as I hate posting these pictures, it had to be done. Being honest and real and open about it I think helps motivate me.
So, we are now about 40 days in and progress has been made.
I drink a lot of water, I eat less calories, I eat better calories, and I exercise. It's hard, but I do it.
And I love it. The results are awesome. My wardrobe has greatly expanded as I can now wear most of my clothes again. Here is what I look like 40 days in...

This is at 273 pounds. It's more than 30 pounds lost - a 10% body weight loss. At this point, weight loss does matter still, but my activities and goals are really centered around fitness and health - such as strength, flexibility, and endurance, etc.

Anyway, I am feeling great about the changes and although I have a long way to go (I was married at 208), I am celebrating the change. Progress, it's all about progress.

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