Friday, May 30, 2014

Not another one, please

I enjoy a good YouTube video and have a few channels I subscribe to. I love learning through that medium. I can't tell you how many videos on tying knots or ukelele videos I've watched. Pretty awesome stuff. Some are just plain fun and provide a nice laugh or tear for the day, like the videos the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints does or funny clips of old Carol Burnett shows.

I have been reading a magazine called, "Mental Floss" for a while now. I find it entertaining and have long appreciated the wide variety of interesting facts and features. The magazine has a very popular YouTube channel as well. At first, I loved their videos. It was one of the first of what I call "Explainer" channels that I started watching (basically a channel that does videos to explain things).

Here is an example of one.

The guy was pretty good at explaining things and they presented cool stuff. But then the clones began.

Actually, I'm not really sure who was first, but I began to run into other YouTube channels where the host seemed to be weirdly familiar in style.

There's this guy from the SciShow:

And then there is this guy from the PBS Idea Channel:

And this guy from CrashCourse:

And now there is even this girl on the DNews channel that seems to be taking notes from the others.

Note the way they use voice inflections, their eyes, look off to the side of the set, move their heads and bodies back and forward, and other type movements.

Anyone else see the similarities? Some are crazy similar. And there are others like these. Are they cloning these people now? Even their general looks are alike.

I now have a hard time watching my original favorite cause I am now all "explainer video"ed out. Mainly because since they are all the same, it's like having a mouthful of sugar. It's all a bit too much now.

Someone please send me a link to one that is different, and please, no more of these.

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